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Best Bollywood Dresses | Bollywood Actress Dress | 2021




The festive season is here and while women are being spoilt for choice when it comes to Ethnic fashion, we see men a bit lost wearing the same old trends! Not very fair, is it? Well, we’ve put together our top 5 Indian ethnic fashion trends that all you stylish and fashion savvy men can try! After all, who says fashion is only for women??


The Royal Sherwani

royal sherwani

Nothing can beat a regal look as much as this one! A Sherwani signifies dignity and etiquette of the royals and was the court dress of the nobles of Turkish and Persian origin. There is a wide range of fabrics, designs and colors which can be used depending on personal choice and occasion. This navy blue and maroon velvet combination with brocade sleeves and details instantly oozes glamour and grandeur like no other. If you can pull this one off, we promise you a trail of swooning women! Isn’t that every mans dream anyway?


Polo Pants

polo pants

Who doesnt want to steal the show at every party? We know you do.. And polo pants can make your dream come true. Inspired by the polo pants worn by Rajas and Maharajas of yesteryear during polo matches (that’s how it gets its name), these pants flare out from the waist down to the knees and have a churidar fit up to the ankle. While it makes you look stylish, it also rates high on comfort. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win?


Palazzo Pants with Sherwani

palazzo pants with sherwani

Palazzo Pants for men? Yes, that’s right! These comfortable and stylish pants are no longer a fashion staple exclusive to women. Isn’t that great news? This dapper attire recently debuted at a bridal fashion show this season. And we couldn’t be happier about the timing! With the festive and wedding season lined up, it’s high time to raise the fashion bar for men!


Dhoti Pants


Always dreaded the dhoti falling off you in the middle of a function or a wedding? Well, now you can bid adieu to that fear — the dhoti pants are here to stay! It’s basically a pant styled around the quintessential Indian dhoti. While you can just slip it on, it has the flare of a dhoti giving everyone the illusion that you are actually wearing one. Team it up with a bandhgala, kurta, sherwani or Nehru jacket for a style that makes heads turn.


Indo-Western Suits

indo western suit

Indian ethnic wear for men is evolving fast with designers drawing inspiration from different cultures and their dressing styles. One of the gifts of such creative experiments is the Indo-western suit. Essentially a combination of western cuts and Indian aesthetics, the Indo-western kurta is high on the fashion trend radar. You can pair it with trousers, pyjamas, dhotis, pretty much anything you can think of, and yet look absolutely smashing. How about giving it a shot this festive season?

We do hope that with our roundup of the top 5 ethnic fashion trends, you can now sport a stylish and fashionable ethnic outfit and make a grand fashion statement this festive season!!

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