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Anushka Sharma

The Bold and The Beautiful!



Bold Printed Designer Sarees

Bold Printed Designer SareesThe one way of making a true fashion statement is by wearing Saris with big, bold prints.

Bold print saris are often making it in and out of the fashion scene, depending on the latest style and the seasons.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that as long as you pick prints that work well together and colors that compliment your skin, you absolutely cannot go wrong.

Some ladies often feel intimidated by bolder prints, therefore it’s important to know that with latest styles and the evolution of fashion bolder prints now tend to have a more retro look.

Sometimes they involve ‘bling’ such as crystals and rhinestones, they maybe netted, they may also have a more metallic look in addition to sequences and paints.

Its always a great idea to think about having a really beautiful bold looking sari with extravagant prints in your wardrobe, they look great when worn to cocktail parties, eveningwear or even festivals.

Dare to be bold and make your statement with style!

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