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Don’t just Wear it.. OWN it! Celebrity Salwar Kameez Style Tips..



Asian Salwar Kameez Instructions

Asian Salwar Kameez InstructionsOne of the most common misconceptions that people have with salwar kameez is that it’s great for any figure type. Although that maybe partially true, the real truth is that it all depends on the type of salwar style you wear that works with your body type.

Believe it or not sometimes the wrong cut or fit of the Salwar kameez can actually make you look several pounds bigger than you really are.

The salwar kameez is a beautiful traditional outfit worn primarily by ladies from India and Pakistan and its complete look is created by putting together a tunic (kameez) that may vary in length depending on the style, along with pants (salwar) and a long scarf (dupatta/chunni).

The entire look of the Salvar Kameez is one that embodies true ethnic style as well as the richness of the Indian and Pakistani culture. Here are some suggestions on how to create the perfect look just for your body type:

Set it Right: Wear a salwar around your naval area, as it will pull in your stomach. Also consider tying strings on your side, as it reduces the look of the paunch.

For Broad Shoulder: If you have broad shoulders then avoid wearing puffed sleeves and opt for more v-neck or sweet heart necklines.

For Smaller Bust: If you have a smaller bust wearing squared, rectangular necklines creates the illusion of a fuller bust line. Sometimes wearing a kurtha with an embroidered damaan also does the job.

Kameez Length: The kameez should be a little longer in height. It makes you look taller. For instance, if your height is around 5 feet 3 inches then your kameez height should be around 47- 48 inches.

For Thick Arms: If you have fat arms and therefore cannot wear sleeveless then go in for sleeves of about 5 inches length. This will hide the flab on your arms and your hands will look thinner.

Fall 2009 Trends: Salwar can be worn in many styles. Styles keep changing with Trends. Recently big bottoms were in fashion and now short Kurtas Are back in vogue with patiyala style bottoms.

For Churidar Style: Chudidar looks good on long kameezs or Kurtas. Avoid wearing them on short Kurtas. Chinese collar (closed neck) makes you look tall, but avoid it if you have broad shoulders.

Look Slim: Avoid Organza or any stiff cloth if you want to look slimmer in Salwar Kameez.

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