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Rina Dhaka At Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 – Day 1



Rina Dhaka At Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 - AIFWSS17


Rina Dhaka showcased her saree inspired collection at Amazon India Fashion Week 2017. Bright flowers, motifs, colours in a snippy, modern style were the highlight of Rina Dhaka’s summer spring collection. From sheer to appliqué, this was one power-packed show.

“I have done the whole wearing-a-safety-pin-in-my-ear fashion while growing up, but that’s in the past. Now, I have to worry about what others will wear, I don’t bother about what I’m wearing.” –Rina Dhaka

The designer, also, was vocal about the return and revival of the saree on the fashion scene. “The saree, the sarong, the wrap skirt. It’s all here to stay.” She added.