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The PERFECT DIET to prevent Hair Loss



Who wants long, thick and lustrous hair? Well, if you’ve always craved for those shiny and perfect locks, then the first thing to keep in check is the diet you consume. ‘You are what you eat‘ is an age old saying that has its roots in ancient wisdom. So why not go back to eating the right diet to own those gorgeous and lustrous locks?

We’ve put together a list of the best seven foods that prevent hair loss to include in your meals. Take a look below!


Beans and bean sprouts have the power to help you grow longer and thicker hair. This is because it has silica in it, which is an important nutrient for hair growth. Silica helps absorb minerals and vitamins, which we consume everyday. And the hair follicles need silica to help absorb the same, or else the vitamins and minerals we consume wouldn’t be of much help.




Fish and seafood items are must-have’s on the list of perfect diet to prevent hair loss. This is because of the essential omegas in them and the content of sulphur too. In addition to that, seafood has zinc in it which can be useful for the hair to gain its strength. The follicles are taken care of by being nourished by the minerals in seafood too. Hormones are kept in check and the vitamins are absorbed as well.



Dry Fruits And Nuts

Instead of having sugary stuff, satisfy your sweet cravings with dry fruits and nuts. This is because the mineral content in them is high. You have sulphur, iron and biotin in dry fruits and nuts along with vitamin E as well, which can help with scalp blood flow and circulation too. this in turn ensures that the hair follicles are cared for and that the hair strands grow stronger too.




An egg a day to consume is good for your hair, because of the high levels of protein and keratin it has in it. The biotin too in an egg can encourage the growth of hair, and stops hair loss. Moreover, eggs help produce plenty of keratin and sulphur for the hair, which stops hair loss.




Start your day with a bowl of porridge, because oat porridge can help maintain the luster, shine and strength of your hair, and also give your body the much needed energy for the day too. Oats also helps add more melanin and color to your hair as well. This in turn also brings in more minerals to the hair, for example magnesium and potassium, phosphorus too, which helps as super strengthening agents for the hair.



Lean Meat

For those who are non-vegetarians, lean meat can help prevent hair fall and hair loss, which is why it tops the list as one of the foods to eat for hair loss prevention. The iron content found in the meat is very high and can be easily absorbed into the hair follicles too. This also helps create haemoglobin in the blood which carries oxygen to the various tissues and organs in the body. Lean meat has sulphur in it which can be absorbed easily by the hair follicles and also improves blood flow too. Moreover, the presence of B3 in lean meat and vitamin A in it helps with strengthening the hair strands as well.

lean meat



Plenty of antioxidants and vitamins in it along with minerals too, berries in dark red to very dark forms are best to eat or have in a diet to stop hair fall naturally. You can have them solo or raw, cooked or as toppings for a dessert and the taste remains the same with plenty of care for the hair given.



Try incorporating these seven yummy foods in your diet and let us know which one is your favorite!!

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