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Mumtaz Style Saree Drapping – Exclusive



Mumtaz Saree Styles

Mumtaz Saree StylesColour, customs, tradition is the trademark of India and the fashion of this country revolves around this trademark. .. Each tradition has its own unique way of dressing. The fashion of our mother land has its trace from the ancient times. Fashion is ever-changing. And Indian public along with the dynamic designers has its exceptional way of experimenting and hence meeting the challenge of bringing up new style, manner and fashion. Since independence, globalization is being witnessed in the Indian fashion industry.

This globalization has helped to move further. And has helped to set a new trend with the change of style of Indian dressing. Talking for example, the traditional saree…. Draped over the body in various forms this unstitched cloth of four to five meters has its own magic and sheer grace…

Colors have their own uniqueness and their power to attract people at large. Both dark and light colors are in all time trends. Colors like hot pink, turquoise blue, orange, red are growing popular. Even light colors are equally fashionable and classy. When worn with right kind of accessories, these bollywood sarees look all the more debonair. Draping a saree is itself an art. Different era has different ways of wearing asaree.

Bollywood industry has never produced such a dignified yet stylish actress in the industry like Mumtaz and with her way of wearing and carrying a saree add a grace to her charming personality In the late 60’s mumtaz style saree was in town. It was exclusively different from the rest of the forms of draping. Mumtaz style saree were very innovative drape. The saree is rounded twice twice to give a slim effect and the pallu is short and is neatly pleated over the shoulder or sometimes left loose with just one pin up at one end to hold the pallu. This draping is good for saree with heavy or embroidered borders. Mumtaz first discovered its finest way of draping it hence the name mumtaz style saree.

Mumtaz style saree is seen in her one of the popular movie “Bhramachari” opposite veteran actor shammi kapoor. Mumtaz made a scintillating entry to the big-time with her navel-popping glittering orange sari with a very small sleeveless blouse. The style she has set there was evergreen and immortal.. The song “aj kal tere mere pyaar ke cherche…” reveals the beauty ofmumtaz style saree in thick embroidery done on the borders of orange saree.. the saree along with the accessories compliment the look. and completes the style. The Bollywood babe of yesteryears, Mumtaz will be presented with the “Outstanding Contribution by an Indian in Cinema”. And even in creating a style statement.

Mumtaz style saree is fashion and people has remembered her way of draping it. This is evident when a teen enquired about ways of draping it beautifully.. Even mumtaz style saree is coming back in fashion. People still love to wear the sarees in that way for its unparallel style and advantage of looking slim.

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