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Latest trends in Pakistan Fashion

Pakistan fashion is synonymous with opulence and grandeur as its trademark. It is also amidst the few minority countries globally where dressing of women though conservative is quite varied and attractive. The outfits designed and preferred in Pakistan are a manifestation of its culture and tradition. Pakistan fashion business has evolved tremendously and the society is also moving towards more advancement which is reflected in the dress and lifestyle. So it comes as no surprise that outfits from Pakistan are sought after by many from other parts of the world too. Attractive and exotic outfits by Pakistani designers are in demand and Pakistan excels in the textile, embroidery and fabrics industry.

So if you desire for premium quality embroidery outfits with sequins, glass-work, beads, threadwork, shells etc then you have to opt for Pakistan outfits which really depicts the culture on the eastern side of the world. We have a wide range of patterns which can be even mixed and matched and then worn. The Best and most alluring outfits are the Salwar Kameez embroidered with beautiful elegant embroidery motifs and colors that will sway your heart. Fabrics like Chiffon, Silk, Lace and Velvet apart from the hand loom fabrics are also available which will make your special event memorable with its shimmery exterior. For all those who also like block prints or hand painting as well as screen printed pictures in their outfit we have it all. Apart from the casual wear mentioned you can also select from our exotic range of outfits for Weddings, special events or parties, for festivals like Eid are also displayed and you can take your pick from the hottest  Fashion trends available. So do not waste time and check the mesmerizing range of outfits at


We bring you the finest variety of the best quality traditional and fashionable Pakistani dresses.

We offer branded as well as non branded dresses for women of all ages. Our dresses conform to the latest fashion trends in Pakistan & India. Pakistani fashion designers are instrumental in taking the simple outfit especially salwar kameez, to an altogether different level. You can check the outfits and see the modifications that the Pakistani fashion designers are striving to make in this conservative and traditional outfit to keep it up with the latest trends.


Though salwar kameez is the most popular outfit In Pakistani fashion it has to be admitted that it is not a single but whole range of outfits that bring out the true beauty of Pakistani woman. Salwar kameez with its simplicity and elegance can make any women look classy. You can select from the range of designer stylish salwar kameez for parties, functions or weddings and the simpler ones too are available for house or work or normal routine stuff. Youngsters in Pakistan are opting for latest new trends like Kurti, long shirts etc for the more stylish women.

The other noteworthy and popular outfits in Pakistan fashion are Gharara, Sharara, lehengas normal or mermaid designed, lehenga choli , saree and pajama with angrakha, churidhar pajama

The good thing about these dresses and what sets it apart is it is more stylish and heavily encumbered as far as embroidery and attachments are concerned. Though the pricing may seem little high end they can be customized and personalized to suit everyone’s budget.  Beads, threads, silver thread and in some cases gold threads too give the outfit the requisite enthralling look. The dresses are found in varied multi colored but most preferable are rich colors like red, black, green and blue.

More diverse clothing options give you more range as compared to women in the western countries. So go ahead and invest in these magnificent outfits and we assure you will not regret the same.