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Is this the hottest nail trend for 2013? (Oh Yeah)



Zeenat-Nail-Art-2Another trend setter in the market! Alexa Chung stepped out with some pretty bad ass leather nails! My first reaction, I WANT! Nails Inc. a somewhat new polish brand that has been around for a while is making it’s debut of the leather polish–nail polish which gives a leathery effect. The trend is said to be one of the hottest for 2013 and all I can think is I LOVE this! No surprise since leather is super hot on the runway right now! Although I have tried Nails Inc a little over a year ago (with the magnetic polish) and really wasn’t impressed with their formula, I would definitely give this a try! Slightly matte, with a hint of shine and a soft leathery texture, this mani is hot!! Do you guys like this or is it a complete fail?