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Super Strong Nails!



super strong nails zeenat style tips

NOTHING in this world beats a healthy mani! Even if there’s no polish, I love it when my nails and cuticles are clean and perfect! As much as I love to have gorgeously done nails, the worst thing ever is a breakage!

For some reason, a little while ago my nails were just chipping left and right! It was kind of crazy, but literally nothing kept them strong! I tried nail treatments and cuticle oils, but they kept breaking!

I remember a while back, I had actually tried adding garlic to my clear polish, and it completely SAVED my nails, so I thought why not! Honestly this is the EASIEST thing ever and it really works! All you have to do is add garlic to either your favorite base coat, or nail treatment! I just cut a couple cloves and added them in! My nails have gotten stronger and are no longer chipping at all! I actually have a little length now—YAAAAY!!

There is a slight smell, but once you polished it, it completely vanishes!