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Anarkali Churidar

Asifa And Nabeel’s KLAH Collection at TBCW 2014



Asifa Nabeel Bridal Couture Week (3)
Asifa and Nabeel showcased their Bridal Wear at Telenor Bridal Couture Week with a splendid assortment enriched with pretty glamorous wedding dresses for Brides and Grooms. Name of their Colletion is Klah.
KLAH is all about needle artistry, influenced by the majestically sublime Islamic Art (the art of various rich cultures). The designs partly draw inspiration from the mesmerizing creativity of Alhambra Palace in Spain, considered one of the most classical artworks in Islamic history, which is being highlighted through elements of Persian Shahi Tabriz.Asifa&Nabeel designed KLAH keeping in mind the magnificent signature approach of the label, with the trendiest of contemporary yet traditional styles to give an exquisite bridal look this season.